Colonic Hydrotherapy

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

This beneficial therapy is a gentle, cleansing and detoxifying health treatment which involves warm filtered water entering the colon through a small device called a Speculum. The speculum makes it possible to simultaneously bring clean water into the colon and carry waste out. The colon is alternatively filled with water and released for loose debris to be allowed to flow out. This process is carried out throughout the treatment, which lasts 60 minutes. Your therapist will also use special massage techniques on the abdomen to stimulate the release of waste products and can also introduce probiotics (friendly bacteria) to aid the process of detoxification and cleansing.

The result is a gentle flushing of the colon, and a loosening of old faecal debris.

A full medical consultation is carried out on your initial appointment which takes 30 minutes. A course of three sessions are recommended for optimum results.

What are the benefits?

When undertaken with a healthy lifestyle programme, colonic hydrotherapy:

  • Re-energises the body.
  • Can reduce stress.
  • Effectively cleanses years of excess waste, pollutants and toxic substances.
  • Encourages improved digestion and removal of toxins.
  • Stimulates bile production and detoxification of the liver.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Improves PH balance in the whole body.
  • Provides a favourable environment for the friendly bacteria.
  • Improves nutrients absorption especially minerals and soluble vitamins.
  • Re-educates the colon towards healthier peristalsis and more regular bowel movements.
  • Often results in increased energy, advanced mental clarity, clearer skin and improved circulation.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prepare for a colonic?
  • You don't need to do anything special before your treatment, but for your own comfort you should avoid a heavy meal or drinking a lot immediately before your appointment. You should also avoid alcohol.
  • What if I am constipated?
  • If you are particularly constipated, ask for advice on what you can do beforehand to maximise the benefits of your treatment.
  • What does a colonic feel like?
  • Most people find the procedure to be quite relaxing, with no discomfort. The colon fills and empties regularly as part of its normal function, so the treatment is nothing new. You may feel varying sensations of fullness and movement in your abdomen throughout the treatment.
  • Is it embarrassing?
  • Not at all. Your therapy will take place in a private treatment room by a trained therapist who understands the sensitivity of the procedure. It is perfectly normal to be a little embarrassed, but your therapist will completely understand and will try to put you at your ease. Once the tube has been inserted, you'll remain covered for the rest of the treatment.
  • Who else has Colonic Hydrotherapy?
  • A lot of celebrities have went public to express satisfaction with colonic hydrotherapy for their health and wellbeing including singers Usher and Janet Jackson; actor Ben Affleck; supermodel Gisele Bundchen and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey.
  • Is there any mess or smell?
  • None whatsoever. The colonic hydrotherapy equipment forms a sealed system that carries away all the waste cleanly and hygienically.
  • Does it hurt?
  • Not at all. It may feel a little strange as the small tube is inserted, and you may have a natural urge to squeeze it out again, but this passes quickly. Joanne will then closely control the filling and emptying to ensure that you remain comfortable at all times. Occasionally the colon may contract during the treatment, giving a cramping sensation but this is easily tolerated and passes as soon as the bowel empties again.
  • What can I expect afterwards?
  • Generally, as soon as your treatment is completed you can carry on with your normal routine. You may experience an increase in bowel movements over the first few hours, to eliminate any remaining water or waste. This is perfectly normal and shouldn't involve any undue urgency or discomfort. After that you may find that you don't need to go to the toilet for a while, perhaps as long as a few days, as your bowels have been emptied.
  • How long does a colonic take?
  • The treatment itself takes up to 45 minutes, so with changing time, you'll need to allow at least an hour. Your first treatment will take longer as Joanne will need to review your medical history and assess your current bowel health before proceeding with your therapy.
  • How many treatments will I need?
  • This depends on your reason for having a colonic in the first place, as well as how successful the treatment was. We advise three sessions for a colon cleanse however Joanne will advise if further treatments are recommended, as well as when and how often you need to return.
  • Are there circumstances in which I shouldn't have a colonic?
  • Yes, pregnancy and certain medical conditions would prevent you from having the treatment . If you are in any doubt, please feel free to call us for professional advice.

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